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Too Deep in the Weeds

30 January 2023
Panama, Central America
Major invasion route

Mind dump, sans edit

Endless valuable interviews are being squandered while talking distractions. Still talking in the weeds. Missing the most important points. By far. We are in a state of war. Get to this part.


There is no opt-out.

The mind warping where boys and girls do not know the difference. Canadian government openly committing opt-in medical mass murder, as did parts of USA in nursing homes. And on and on.

Mass murder by vaxx and other medical means.

Destruction of borders. Europe and USA being invaded by military aged males.

Attacks on energy and food supply, etc.

All severe acts of war.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of people who are under attack are easily distracted with technical talk about evolutionary selection-pressures and so forth. Information that in other context is vital, is in context of this immediate war, mere trivia. Damaging as distraction.

It is damaging distraction to talk audiences of millions of people about chemistry of cannon propellent and evolution of explosives while we are being bombed, while ships belch combat troops onto our beaches.

These ‘migrants’ we see are by far mostly military aged males. We are being invaded.

Energy and food supplies are under attack.

Social structure has been treated to acid bath.

Food facilities burning down. More vaxxes being deployed.

STOP the vaxxes by any means necessary. We are far beyond the point of realization they are weapons.

Father Time and Mother Nature: As time unfolds, eventually a few survivors will sort through the wreckage and some will say, “Gee, they were still rambling about DNA while on the edge of the Great Famine and War. No wonder they are all gone. Anyone know how make boots?”

Mind dump complete. Sans edit. Heading back to jungle soon.


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Netherlands Voting Results in— Bloodbath

Netherlands voting results just in. Extremely bad for good guys. Something way off. Like Biden-level off. Am here.

Traitors Among Us — remember their names

14 March 2023
By a cold, dark and windy sea, Netherlands

This video was from about midnight on New Years 2019/20 in Hong Kong. Time stamp says 03 January 2020, so I may be wrong.

Some of the senior commanders in the Hong Kong Police Forces were British. Maybe they were spies, I do not know, but they definitely were in charge during some of the many brutal beatings I witnessed witnessed at minimum many hundreds of beatings and injuries. More likely well over a thousand during those seven months.

The courageous and wily Hong Kongers were vastly outnumbered. I saw more American flags in Hong Kong than in Washington, DC. Far more. Sometimes the streets were filled with thousands of US flags.

The British commander strutted by and you can hear my greetings. This video went viral and they kept taking it down from YouTube even as other Hong Kongers posted different angles. Millions of views.

Everyone hates a traitor. Even those who employ them.

The British commander strutted over to me with his right...

Connect the Dots

David Petraeus is former Director CIA. If you just map the places I spend a lot of time, a major outline of what is happening unfolds. Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Texas, NETHERLANDS, here at Ishigaki, etc. You Are at War.

post photo preview
This Morning on Ishigaki, Japan—neighborhood Taiwan

This morning we are with Yoshitaka Nakayama, Mayor of Ishigaki. Frontline near Taiwan. A place where Taiwanese migrants and mainland spies will flood in case of war. @ganaha_masako @rangerholton Mayor Nayakama said Starlink not working here, @elonmusk . In 2019 typhoon, this island could not call Okinawa island. Backup cable also was cut.

post photo preview
A State of War

This will make Great Depression look like a period of fiscal discomfort. MSM makes me feel like Nostradamus. Gonna see epic famines.

post photo preview
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