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Some facts:

1) Russia has many hydrogen bombs and means of delivery
2) Our government invests signifcant energy portraying Dictator Putin as erratic, insane, meglomaniacal
3) Dictator Putin publicly announced his nuclear force was put on alert
4) Advanced American weapons surround Russia
5) United States and allies are destroying Russian economy — and our own
6) That time we invaded Iraq to oust a dictator backfired — as did others
7) We continue to provoke and disrepect the man we call crazy. The man has pulled out his nuclear rifle. He’s pointing it at us saying he will pull the trigger. We have every reason to believe he will pull that trigger.
8) These sorts of provocations — that maybe 1 in 10,000 Americans seem to know about — are precisely what led Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. That was not a surprise attack. 1 out of 10,000 know this. The others swallowed the propaganda or maybe never heard of the attack.
9) Conditions are set for massive global economic collapse and incredible famine
10) Conditions are set for nuclear war

We are lucky so far that Dictator Putin is not as irrational as made out.

Looking at the playing field — United States appears to be provoking and searching for casus belli to make a pre-emptive nuclear attack on Russia.

Dictator Zelensky increasingly appears to be a roll actor dancing under strings.

This is the most dangerous moment in human history.

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Darien Gap Update

25 January 2023
Panama, Central America

The invasion continues. Huge numbers of Haitians and others are flooding through the Gap to cities around America.

I made this video several days ago as the incredible Panamanian Special Forces escorted Ben Bergquam and Oscar Blue into the Gap. The Special Forces and Ben and Oscar have been out there ever since.

I am getting direct satellite updates from the team. Ben has broken a small toe but is soldiering on. Currently they are with dozens of Haitians, days into the jungle.

Haitian men have earned a sour reputation with Kuna and Embera Indians in the jungle. A reputation for violence. Haitians are dumping from Haiti to America in massive numbers.

I cannot say much about the mission until this phase is complete. Chuck Holton and I will be on station to extract them from jungle.

Ben and Oscar are making a documentary — you must see this. Already, it’s incredible.

In the future, there must be a documentary about Panamanian Special Forces. ...

Masako Ganaha in Action: Schwab in Davos

Facing Evil.

Small Airstrip Darien Gap

Our jungle landing today to intercept Ben and Oscar. SEAL/Author Matt Bracken, beside me, made this video landing in Darien Gap today. Just next to Colombian border.

Darien Gap today

Chuck Holton and I just got Ben and Oscar from Darien after 4 days crossing. Many mainland Chinese and Afghans.

post photo preview
Operation Emperor 17

This operation is ongoing. Chuck Holton and I will move to extract Ben Bergquam and Oscar Blue this morning. Time for a few hours sleep:


Samurai Journalist Masako Ganaha on her WEF research.

Masako exposes Japanese WEF neo-fascists as well as Schwab, Greta, and more.

From the NEC-SE site:
Masako and I also talked about her run in’s with Heizo Takenaka, a member of the Board of #Trustees for WEF. In 1973, Heizo was with the Japan Development Bank, and in 1981, a visiting scholar at #Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania (#UPenn), which is now under scrutiny given its solid financial relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (#CCP). In 2002 Heizo was the Minister of State for #Financial Services and #Economic and #FiscalPolicy in #Japan. He is currently a professor emeritus at #KeioUniversity.

In a frank discussion, Minister Takenaka praised four other current and former members of the Japanese House of Representatives and #Ministers as being linked to the WEF and possible future candidates for Prime Ministers (#PM) of Japan.

The first name he provided to Masako ...

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