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February 20, 2022
IMPORTANT: Call for General Strike Across Canada

20 Feb 2022
Mind Dump, Sans Edit

This also is a call for American truckers to stop hauling supplies to and from Canada.

I saw these strikes in action in places like Nepal. I was there during the war. In that case, Maoists were making strikes. If shops opened, or trucks operated on the roads, the results could be final. They would kill drivers and burn their trucks. I don't expect normal Canadians to do this...that was the communist way. Torture, murder, terror. Sort of like Trudeau's incrementalism.

These strikes work like chemotherapy. The cancer already is killing you, and so these are "danger close" tactics in a larger strategy. Polish were very successful with these tactics in Solidarity. America helped Poland with a CIA operation codenamed QRHELPFUL.

QRHELPFUL helped a great deal with copy machines, toner smuggled in as chocolate mix, radios, the works. Nearly the entire conflict was comprised of economic and information war.

Whoever is advising the Canadians to do this is not your average fellow. This is someone who has studied the higher forms of warfare. Not the wild monkeys of ANTIFA and BLM.

If they continue down this path, my guess is that OGCAN (Occupying Government-Canada) will overreact. Like an elephant trying to ride a tricycle at night in high winds. They just do not have the skills to pull it off. OGCAN will overreact. The movement will grow and spread.

In this form of warfare there are only two main ways of losing: You get wiped out nearly completely, such as in Sri Lanka. Or you quit. Sri Lanka resistance had the disadvantage of a nearly Galula-perfect island-trap. (If you don't know who Galula was, or what I mean, just forget about it for now. Will talk about it later). Geography pinned them against the sea. Geography was/is a major problem for Hong Kong.

But Canada -- more accurately North America because borders will hardly matter in real conflict -- is like a small Asia.

Always remember that war knows no fences or borders. War spreads and easily and unstoppably as the clouds.

Likewise in Ukraine. My guess is now 90 percent chance of serious combat. America has threatened to sponsor a guerrilla war in Ukraine. Imagine how Russia may respond by sponsoring same across Mexico, United States, and Canada.

Russians are very good at this form of warfare -- as good as they are at putting stuff in space.

Fuel prices likely to explode, food supplies dwindle.

If I were the leader of Canada, or America, and cared about my country -- I would be doing cheetah backflips to negotiate a peaceful end to this before close of business next week. Because I see what is coming. This all is amazingly preventable.

The Beast is working to create war. Trudeau is a fool. A puppet and a fool. A weak little pretty. Beyond his depth. The pretty does not seem to grasp the high voltage crackling in the wires around him.

Trudeau and his minions treat this as a game. Things have changed. Trudeau is the small boy riding on the back of a large elephant. Whipping the elephant. Shouting at the elephant. Thinking he is master of the elephant. Poking the elephant with a sharp stake. And threatening the elephant's baby. While the herd watches.


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14 March 2023
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This video was from about midnight on New Years 2019/20 in Hong Kong. Time stamp says 03 January 2020, so I may be wrong.

Some of the senior commanders in the Hong Kong Police Forces were British. Maybe they were spies, I do not know, but they definitely were in charge during some of the many brutal beatings I witnessed witnessed at minimum many hundreds of beatings and injuries. More likely well over a thousand during those seven months.

The courageous and wily Hong Kongers were vastly outnumbered. I saw more American flags in Hong Kong than in Washington, DC. Far more. Sometimes the streets were filled with thousands of US flags.

The British commander strutted by and you can hear my greetings. This video went viral and they kept taking it down from YouTube even as other Hong Kongers posted different angles. Millions of views.

Everyone hates a traitor. Even those who employ them.

The British commander strutted over to me with his right...

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