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The hardest post I have had to write...

General Erik Kurilla is one of the most physically courageous and capable Soldiers I’ve ever know. Extremely smart. Extremely competent. Extremely aggressive.

I spent five months of intense combat with his battalion and was in many firefights and bombings right beside Erik or with his incredible Soldiers. The Deuce Four.

Erik was always leading the way into combat until the day al Qaeda shot Erik several times. Feet in front of me. Erik kept fighting despite a femur snapped in half by one of several bullets that struck Erik nearly point blank. I saw it all.

Erik was shot badly and bullets were still snapping by. Erik continued to fight in close quarters. I was right there. Erik was on ground with his leg twisted.

I had no weapon only a camera but I could not leave Erik alone to be killed.

Another Soldier, Robb Prosser, super stud Ranger like Erik, suddenly arrived, fired 30 rounds on full-auto and was doing hand-to-hand combat in front of me. Robb’s gloves were slippery with al Qaeda blood and he was haven trouble strangling the al Qaeda guy. So I took Robb’s empty rifle from the ground and demanded ammunition from a lieutenant who was too afraid to fight.

The fight soon ended.

Erik, while bleeding badly, was still giving orders from the ground. The medic had to administer extra sedative so Erik would stop trying to lead the battalion while shot. Erik could not even sit up but he wanted to keep running the outfit. The man is incredible.

Erik is not a playdough soldier like “General” Mark Milley.

Mark Milley is bullshit.

Erik is Iron.

Erik is not a stupid racist like “General” CQ Brown.

General Erik Kurilla is highly intelligent and reads people like nobody you ever likely will meet. I saw numerous times Erik spot enemy out of a crowd. His sense is uncanny to the point of weird. The men called it the “Deuce Sixth Sense.” (His callsign was Deuce Six).

Erik is a real General and an incredible combat warrior. Those things can never be taken away.

The Deuce Four Battalion Erik commanded was the most highly decorated battalion during the Iraq war. After being severely wounded and continuing to lead and fight, Erik recovered and returned to combat duty about a year later and kept doing so until now.

If General Erik Kurilla is your enemy, you are in great danger.

None of the above can ever be taken away from Erik.

I felt real pain deeply in my soul when Erik never stood against the death jabs, or women into Ranger Regiment. (Erik became Ranger Regiment Commander and a lot more).

Nobody gets a pass on death jabs. Not Trump. Not Erik. Nobody.

This is a moral abomination. This above almost all else bothers me: That Erik Kurilla does not stand up against the invasion of America.

We are being destroyed.

We are being destroyed.

America is being destroyed.

Civilization is being destroyed. Generals and Admirals should be resigning en-masse. I find it deeply bothersome when the puppets continue to salute Biden while grinding our young people into mulch under jabs and communist indoctrination.

You see all that salad on Erik’s chest. Erik is one of a small percent who actually earned it all. He really is that man. I often thought Erik deserved the Medal of Honor. Not for the day he got shot up but for other things I saw on other days, in aggregate.

In my mind, Erik earned an actual Medal of Honor but of course never got one.

All the above is history.

I am deeply bothered Erik might be communist. Making us enemies. To become enemies with someone you deeply respect is one of the worst things. I gave up all access. I cannot carry the load of destroying my own country and remaining silent.

I am deeply American.

I still hold glimmer of hope Erik will cast the spell by DEFENDING AMERICA! WE HAVE NO BORDER!

We have no border

Famines coming

We are being destroyed

Erik is just following orders

Our military has turned on Americans


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Military Complicity

First person who can show me One Active duty American General or Admiral publicly protested the Trump jab — I will call and sing happy birthday to you.

Red Alerts Incoming.
While War Builds Outside
February 11, 2024

The Next Mission Starts Today — I need your support NOW. We must fight to save our America and American ideals. Please be the first to join this latest battle:

…defend us in battle.
Be our protection against
the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God,
cast into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls.


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Those who follow my work year after year are now on into 4+ years of warning we are going into global famines. US government will not help. Wasting your time thinking “white hats” or any “president” will suddenly “wake up”. They are awake. They work for someone else.

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While Trump is in a playful mood watching Joe the Dog collapse, Trump must really enjoy watching his possible victims collapsing during VaxMania.

Let’s face it. Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden…were all selected because they do what they are told. They “Build Back Better” — which is code for destroying our world to enslave us.

BClinton, Obama, and Trump were all selected in part because they are great con-men and are organically corrupt. Bush and Biden are not great con-men but they have name recognition and are organically corrupt.

Bush is the dumbest of the lot and would not be there if not for dynastic inertia. Biden made it mostly because he is ultra-corrupt, stupid, and was just one of the last men standing from his flock of sleazegulls.

This is why I don’t get invited to cool parties.

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Cooties Kill
Beware of Lice — the Government, and Typhus

29 March 2023
Yonezawa, Japan
Mind Dump, sans edit

This is important.  I am in a rush to meetings so this is sans edit:

I am in Yonezawa.  Scene of great historical famine.  I have come  by bullet train to study famine and a man named Yozan Uesugi.  Yozan was adept at spotting famine in advance and getting his people through famine.  

This morning, I write from a small Japanese cafe.  On breakfast menu is akadewa "tea".  A bean tea that I am drinking.  This tea was used during the great Tenmei Famine.  Encouraged by Yozan Uesugi.  Yozan.  The people still drink the tea and have many other "famine food" items on local menus. 

Now in 2023, conditions for global famine are growing.  Japan is at great risk.  

Some things always go with Famine.  War, Pandemic, and HOP.  

HOP is the Human Osmotic Pressure of migration.  The tidal push and pull of humanity.  

In famine, most people die not from starvation but from disease.  Diseaes such as Famine Fevers.  One of the most serious famine fevers is Typhus.  Not to be confused with Typhoid.  Typhus and typhoid are entirely different.  Even medical professionals mix the names.

Each morning years I receive daily typhus media updates from Google Net Alerts.  Below is my actual Net Alert from yesterday:

I track Epidemic Typhus because Epidemic Typhus travels with war and famine.  Not to be confused with scrub typhus or murine typhus.  I do not pay attention to murine or scrub typhus.  I pay full attention to epidemic typhus.  Epidemic typhus is spread by head lice and by body lice.  

Epidemic typhus is a no-kidding super-killer when it hits critical mass.  Or, as Dr. Chris Martenson might say, "case case case, cluster cluster BOOM!"  During the last century we seldom see a BOOM of epidemic typhus because.  We see many cases such as in American homeless camps.  And some clusters.  But not many BOOMs at this time.

This is why:

1) Thanks to smart people, we now know lice spread epidemic typhus.  So fight the lice.  Thus Army/ Marines -- short hair.  (Coincidentally, ivermectin is used against lice).

2) Typhus is caused by bacteria that is effectively fought back with antibiotics.  Unfortunately, this is 2023.  Supply chains are breaking down.  And those antibiotics come from drug companies.  Drug companies are openly killing people

These are the two most recent books I read on typhus.  One is from 1868 and might be considered outdated, but it's not.  There is much to learn from old books such as how we still behave in the face of the unknown while we fumble around searching for answers.  We bump into things a lot.  

In famine, most people do not starve to death.  We tend to die from disease long before we burn our final calorie.  

A main culprit of famine death is Epidemic Typhus.  Epidemic Typhus occurs in cold, hot, wet, dry.  Doesn't matter.  The lice live on us.  And they mate like crazy and spread madly.  

Epidemic Typhus is one of the famous Famine Fevers.  Relapsing fever is another.  

Famine Fevers onset usually some months after famine sets in.  

At issue with Epidemic Typhus is that it does not need famine to spread.  Famine only creates conditions for lice to spread.  

Epidemic Typhus has many names such as War Fever, Famine Fever, Ship Fever, Naval Fever, Camp Fever, and Hospital Fever.  This might provide a clue as to how it spreads.

This typhus is found in homeless camps in places like California.  It's there right now.  But is down to the case-case cluster-cluster level only because society has not broken down at this time.  There is nothing on earth stopping another vast outbreak of epidemic typhus -- other than lice control, and antibiotics whose supply, quality, and efficacy, are in question.

This bacteria is endemic to large swathes of earth such as in Texas and can spread as quickly as airplanes fly with body and head lice.

Cooties is an old term for lice.  And so the cooties game we learned to play was survival training.  For most modern children, cooties is just a game.  But in upcoming years those homeless camps and millions of hungry "migrants" will not be a game.  Epidemic Typhus can kill millions.  

The Dutch hate typhus on a deep cultural level.  Dutch even use diseases for curse words.  A Dutch person might say "optyfussen!"  Typhus off!  (If you look up optyfussen online, notice how often typhus is confused with typhoid.)  

Typhus is so under control today that most doctors I have mentioned it know very little about typhus.  I only pay attention because I study war -- and famine goes with war like smoke with fire.  And typhus goes with famine and war...like smoke with fire.

I sense we are heading into a period during which typhus will make a comeback and will kill massive numbers of people.  But people who study typhus even for a couple hours will have a serious advantage.  Beware the Cooties!  

Epidemic Typhus is like a giant mindfield.  But this mindfield is also marked by signs.  Read the signs.  Walk around the mindfield like it does not exist.

Even leftist media admit the homeless camps are typhus camps:

Curiouser and curiouser -- this website below identifies itself as the American Academy of Pediatrics and now recommends not sending home from school children with lice.  Are they going Medieval in creating more Epidemic Typhus?  
I do not find this surprising.  Not surprising because my paradigm is that WEF/CCP are intentionally depopulating most of the world population.  At times when you find yourself astonished, this can be a sign that it's time to reexamine your paradigm.  Surprise is an indicator that a paradigm needs adjustment or even to be thrown out.  Or at least to be recalculated.  By this time, it should be clear that democide is unfolding globally.

The same website promoting lice breeding by leaving cooties-ridden children in school, also promotes death jabs for infants and children: 



In closing, I have some research appointments on famine here in Japan.  This mind-dump sans-edit was sparked by a Texas friend who happens to be in Charlotte, North Carolina.  She remembers our conversation in Texas about lice and typhus.  She messaged this photo today from North Carolina -- which really got me going.  And she found this website:  https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hair-fairies-opens-newest-location-in-charlotte-300500636.html

[Please excuse the roughness of this dispatch...in a rush.]

Links to the "pediactric" murder website: 


In closing....this research is very expensive.  Please support!

Am not out shamelessly raising millions at the big, drunk dance parties.  Seems like every political event I witness, such as Project Veritas in Miamia, or whatever, ends up being big drunken party.  I do not drink, smoke, or any of that.  I only work, and alert about big things in non-flashy ways fueld by tiny funding.  Others raise millions at the drunken bashes and end up in trailor-park fights, or in highly suspicious circumstance and scandal.  I am just a simple war correspondent and researcher.

Thank you for all support -- there are many methods at these two links:




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