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Texas Border Remains Wide Open

17June 2022

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is making show of threats to Mexico of shutting border. BLUF — it’s not working. Texas border remains wide open.

Crossings stopped temporarily on 14 June at Eagle Pass. I was there.

As of this morning, crossings continue. Predominantly MAMs — Military Aged Men. First group I saw today was 14 fit young men, 3 childbearing-aged women, 2 children about 5 years.

At least two were Cuban and did not go through Darien. They reported going through Nicaragua. The rest in that group seemed to be Nicaraguan. Three men were crying. One said he got beaten up and robbed.

Aliens continue to cross at this time.

We drove roughly 40 miles into Mexico to check alledged road-blocks by Mexico as part of the agreement with Texas. Confirmed at least 2x roadblocks…but they are allowing people to pass and did so in front of us.

Allende Police officers said specifically that they started this road block this week due to negotiations with Texas. Aliens walk past the checkpoint. If other Aliens are being sent back, I have not yet seen. I do not know the truth of this other than that many clearly are marching right through to the river.

Am now in Piedras Negras, Mexico, just near river crossings.

Texas border remains open. Smoke and mirrors.

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December 03, 2022
Reality Mining

03 December 2022
Dripping Springs, Texas

Mike the interviewer sent this clip. Mike interviews the excellent Dr. Lawrence Sellin, former Green Beret. Became biological warfare expert. I know Lawrence. Lawrence and the interviewer happen to start talking about my work and I greatly appreciate this.

On the rail strike, the strike reportedly has been averted sending waves of anger rippling through rail workers. Very dangerous situation. In my paradigm, this strike is more likely than not.

December 02, 2022
You Want the Truth?

Follow me.

November 27, 2022
Vax Paradigm — read this

27 November 2022
Dripping Springs, Texas
Morning mind burst, sans edit

Robert F. Kennedy posits some ideas on the push to poison children with the fake vaccines.

His limited theory that this push to ‘vaccinate’ children is all about legal liability does not explain the global fact-pattern. RFK’s legal theory is not useful as predictive paradigm with what might come next.

Contrary, RFK’s legal paradigm that this push to jab children is all and only about simple legal liability, can lull one into complacency that this battle to vax children is separate and severable from the larger war.

RFK’s stated view and paradigm is made from a low-level aerial perspective. Just high enough to see companies like Pfizer in a courtroom. This overhead view comes from a 500 feet above the weeds. Just high enough to see pharmaceutical companies in US courtrooms.

This low altitude leaves massive gaps and huge amounts of other factors completely unconsidered. RFK’s explanation of his world-view of the fight to vax children is like that from a map drawn in about the ...

Heroes do Hero Stuff

Courage is contagious. Her courage warms and strengthens my heart. We are surrounded by heroes. We rarely know who they are. Only rare circumstances to find out. Even heroes never know who they are until the time arrives. And then they discover.

Many people wish to be Heroes until it’s time to do Hero Stuff. Some finish the race. And they live forever.

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Andy Ngo interview by Masako Ganaha アメリカ暴力革命

04 December 2022
Dripping Springs, Texas

Very interesting interview by Masako Ganaha. She flew all the way to London to make the interview. I held the camera at times and so was present for the entire time. Andy truly is in danger from the Antifa terrorists.

December 02, 2022

We have no border. The vax-weapon is killing large numbers of people. Famine coming. UKRAINE MISSION: ABORT ABORT ABORT

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