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Make Oregon Great Again: Kerry McQuisten for Governor

14 May 2022
Panama City, Panama
Mind Dump, Sans Edit

Smooth seas never made a successful sailor. But when ship Captains all from the same academy constantly crash perfect ships during perfect weather, it’s not the weather, or the ships. It’s the academy that draws and creates these morons.

You already know and suffer from the Blue academy that created crackhead Hunter Biden, Psaki, Harris, Pelosi, ANTIFA and BLM murders and arson, baby formula shortages, while pushing another 40 billion dollars into a Democrat created war between Russia and United States that will end in the starvation deaths of potentially hundreds of millions of people globally. The biggest famines in all human history are unfolding.

All this created from thin air from the same Blue power-addicts who turned Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many other cities, into drug-stupor hells. Blue team created this. During perfect weather. While operating excellent ships created by Conservatives before them. Blue team crashed them all. Then raised taxes to burn on the needle-strewn beaches.

Have you been to Portland in recent times? I have. Plenty. The place is a shit hole.

I first visited Portland when I was a young Green Beret. Portland was a dream town. I also attended Defense Language Institute in San Francisco back when San Francisco was a great town. (Yes, DLI in San Francisco not Monterrey main branch.)

Today, San Francisco is another blue hell. I was there last year. Many hotels filled with drug addicts at taxpayer expense. We get what we accept. San Francisco is filthy, dangerous, corrupt. Feels completely unsafe and rich-uncivilized. Street-shitters galore. Distinct lack of children. Places feel terrible without lots of children. All happy places have children running around. You can’t have children running around those animals.

I literally am safer in malarial Darien Gap than in Portland or blue hells of DC or Atlanta, or Philadelphia. Have you been to any of those shitholes lately? I have. And a lot more. I’ve also been all over Darien Gap jungles where the children roll in the mud and constantly swim in the rivers and they are safe and incredibly happy. Always screaming and laughing jumping off those mud cliffs, waving as they fall to the river. Their parents are not drug addicts. Their parents live together.

In America, all this happened during GOOD TIMES. All this happened during smooth seas in modern excellent ships. Those days are over.

We are on the edge of something nobody reading this ever has faced unless you were in Mao’s China, the Holodomor, or something along those lines. The Great Depression that many of our Grandparents experienced, and from which experience we benefited due to their natural life-long prepping after that experience, was nothing compared to what is about to hit America, and the globe.

In Oregon, those purple-headed dope-smokers laying on their couches spewing their smoke filled wisdom must be kicked out, locked out, banished. They no longer are cool. We have no time for nose-ringed ‘leaders.’ Call scum by its proper name.

Dope smoking scum created this mess. Anarchy — real anarchy — will soon be upon us. We have no time for ANTIFA or BLM bullshit or mayhem. If the police cannot stop them it’s simply game on.

We need leaders. Sane, clean, Americans. The stakes could not be any higher.

Kerry McQuisten is running for Governor of Oregon. I talked with Kerry on the phone last night. She is ultra-MAGA. (To be clear, I am not ultra-Trump — Trump blows up on the ‘vaccine’ bullshit — but I am super-MAGA).

Kerry McQuisten is very Conservative. I spent much of the past 15-hours talking with people about Kerry McQuisten before writing this.

Oregon — when this storm hits within 60 days, you better have a serious Captain on the bridge of that leaking boat. One that will enable law enforcement to go head-to-head against ANTIFA/BLM terrorists, and get those drug addicts off the streets.

If I were an Oregon Voter, I’d vote for Kerry McQuisten. Heck, given that ALL voting for this is mail-in, I can probably vote 10,000 times from China and Russia.


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December 03, 2022
Reality Mining

03 December 2022
Dripping Springs, Texas

Mike the interviewer sent this clip. Mike interviews the excellent Dr. Lawrence Sellin, former Green Beret. Became biological warfare expert. I know Lawrence. Lawrence and the interviewer happen to start talking about my work and I greatly appreciate this.

On the rail strike, the strike reportedly has been averted sending waves of anger rippling through rail workers. Very dangerous situation. In my paradigm, this strike is more likely than not.

December 02, 2022
You Want the Truth?

Follow me.

November 27, 2022
Vax Paradigm — read this

27 November 2022
Dripping Springs, Texas
Morning mind burst, sans edit

Robert F. Kennedy posits some ideas on the push to poison children with the fake vaccines.

His limited theory that this push to ‘vaccinate’ children is all about legal liability does not explain the global fact-pattern. RFK’s legal theory is not useful as predictive paradigm with what might come next.

Contrary, RFK’s legal paradigm that this push to jab children is all and only about simple legal liability, can lull one into complacency that this battle to vax children is separate and severable from the larger war.

RFK’s stated view and paradigm is made from a low-level aerial perspective. Just high enough to see companies like Pfizer in a courtroom. This overhead view comes from a 500 feet above the weeds. Just high enough to see pharmaceutical companies in US courtrooms.

This low altitude leaves massive gaps and huge amounts of other factors completely unconsidered. RFK’s explanation of his world-view of the fight to vax children is like that from a map drawn in about the ...

Heroes do Hero Stuff

Courage is contagious. Her courage warms and strengthens my heart. We are surrounded by heroes. We rarely know who they are. Only rare circumstances to find out. Even heroes never know who they are until the time arrives. And then they discover.

Many people wish to be Heroes until it’s time to do Hero Stuff. Some finish the race. And they live forever.

post photo preview
Andy Ngo interview by Masako Ganaha アメリカ暴力革命

04 December 2022
Dripping Springs, Texas

Very interesting interview by Masako Ganaha. She flew all the way to London to make the interview. I held the camera at times and so was present for the entire time. Andy truly is in danger from the Antifa terrorists.

December 02, 2022

We have no border. The vax-weapon is killing large numbers of people. Famine coming. UKRAINE MISSION: ABORT ABORT ABORT

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