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December 18, 2021
Space Famine

18 December 2021
West Virginia
Mind dump, sans edit.

There have been no massive famines during the lifetimes of most people reading this in 2021. The last massive famines were caused by Chinese communists on their own people. Believed to have caused tens of millions of deaths. Nobody throws a famine like Communists…long list.

Massive can take a different meanings. Massive death toll, or massive such as geographically widespread.

There never has been a global famine despite global wars, and global pandemic.

There are massive differences between poverty, famine, and starvation.

Poverty is subjective. Many Americans considered poor are living high on the hog compared to most of the world. We all know this. Some people would consider themselves impoverished due to inability to get a free liver transplant after a life during which they drank enough whiskey to afford several livers. Subjective. Politically useful.

Starvation results from famine. Starvation is not famine.

Famine is a condition relating to general food supply. More specifically, food availability.

So far, there always has been plenty of food somewhere. Locusts can only eat so much. Drought never happens every place simultaneously. Not so far, anyway.

But food or water Somewhere is not always Where it’s needed. If you are in the County of Where, and the food is in the County of Somewhere, you might go hungry.

Especially so if the County of Somewhere, or the County of Between, does not allow food to ship to Where. The people in Where will starve. Local famine. Plenty of food. Somewhere.

If the people of the County of Where have money or barter, someone in Somewhere will want to do business. But transactions may be stopped by others in the County of Between.

During the Irish famines — America was Somewhere. Americans were trying to ship free food to Where — to Ireland — England was Between.

Free food will not stop a famine if someone in Between has a more powerful navy.

Unless the people of Where decide to migrate to Somewhere. But Whereins need to make that decision quickly before they are too weak and impoverished to move.

Many Irish migrated to America. Some flew to the moon. Others are still drunk. It’s an Irish thing. Amazing people. What’s left of them. The Irish population never recovered to what it was even 170 years ago.

Many Irish got to America just in time to be handed rifles to fight in our Civil War of 61-65. Welcome to America! We got plenty of food, and you are Irish fodder! Life sometimes has no sense of humor — or a great sense of dark humor. Few peoples have suffered more than the Irish or the Polish. Yet they keep going only to get smashed in the face again, get up, and keep going.

Ships full of food can rot in the harbors of Somewhere while people starve to death just days away. But in recent generations, America had a powerful Navy, economy, and heart, and squashed many famines before they got going.

Things are changing. For many generations, Somewhere-America had the most powerful Navy and economy.

In some cases, we and able partners doused the flames of famine before they hit the history books. We did not see these famines not because the famines were hidden, but because we prevented them. Famine alarm sounded. We raced over and saved the kitchen and returned to station.

The best side of America showed itself so regularly that many people called us criminal and stingy for not leaving organ donations behind. And we became suckers. And built enemies to be stronger than we. But this is far from over and we are used to getting smashed in he face.

Meanwhile, populations exploded.

Posing the question.

Is our world highly resilient, or highly fragile, or something else?

It’s neither fragile nor resilient — these are subjective and ultimately meaningless words in this context.

The human world will continously adjust itself to changing conditions. If there is not enough food in Where — for even as short as a year — the population will instantly adjust by starvation, migration, lower birth rates, war, and pestilence.

The math and spirit will find its own answer to an algorythm that only Mother Nature knows.

Balance will naturally find itself.

Most ‘experts’ are more like children betting which apple will fall first from the tree, and when and which apple will fall last.

We know the apples will fall. We know that much.

Every day, more apples fall and thud on the ground and rot because Between is preventing harvest.

The fingers on the scale are changing and some fingers want global changes.

Evidence strongly suggests that some hands actually do want a global population reset — or are at least pushing policy that will cause such reset. I cannot discount this idea any longer. It no longer sounds like crazy theory. A fact pattern is emerging.

These are the most interesting times of human history. The most interesting I know about, anyway.

We got the African-American Elon Musk, who migrated to America, leading a migration to Mars and beyond, while man-apes flood the global trailor park with fentanyl and hatred.

Starvation results not from lack of food but lack of nutrition. These are things Elon Musk must crack for the Mars migration — for rest assured, sooner or later there will be space famines and space cannibals.

Example: Rabbit starvation, or protein poisoning. People have starved to death eating all the winter rabbits they can catch. The winter rabbits are so low on fat that humans become ill from protein poisoning. But throw some bacon or other fat into the kettle and all is fine. I would like to go to Mars if there will be bacon and collard greens. What will space farmers be like?

Elon is launching three rockets in 72 hours. Just launched one this morning. A Falcon 9 on its 11th mission.

All these things Musk is doing are not unconnected. The Tesla cars, electric homes, Boring company, Starlink, reusable and easily capturable rockets — these are all part of a comprehensive system that will be transplanted to Mars. That Tesla you in is a prototype for Mars. Starlink is not just for global internet. That is for Mars.

The Spirit is very much still alive. Many of us want to work and do important things, not lay around useless smoking dope getting checks from productive people. A male who will not work will never be a Man.

What will our SpaceX generation do with space pandemic? They’ll certainly have to deal with plenty. And Space cults and all that. (Was there ever a Star Trek episode that included a cult formation?)

Drowning in water is not due to lack of oxygen per se. Water is H20. And there is much oxygen dissolved into the water. Plenty of oxygen. But difficult for humans to breathe quickly enough to survive. (If only our skin would double as lungs...we could live like fish in the sea.)

Bottom line for purposes here: the vast majority of earth famines contain a massive human input. The Potato blight did not kill off the Irish — The English killed off the Irish — along with a helping hand from other Irish. Irish killed off Irish.

Example of English input: when Americans sent relief ships about 170 years ago, the English blocked our efforts. Many Irish were making moonshine of foodstuffs during the famines.

The potato blight did not single out Ireland. Many others were hit such as Dutch and French but nobody was trying to genocide them at that time, and so they just ate other stuff. Potato shortage does not equal famine.

I believe by this point that perceptive people have seen sufficient evidence that something(s) is/are amiss and the vast majority are due to human agency.

Free people and freedom are under direct attack on many fronts. Most especially in the realm of information warfare.

My apologies for rambling. It’s raining outside in West Virginia and took the day off. Sans edit.

Our enemies, the authoritarians, are neither omnipotent nor omniscient.

Some evidence: My words on Locals are not being censored. People like Steve Bannon are under severe personal attack and censorship attacks, but many of us are still taking oxygen away from CDOs (Corporate Disinformaton Outlets — such as CNN). That the Irishman — American — Steve Bannon and other warriors are even alive shows we have muscles and are using them, and we are landing body blows into The Screeching Beast.

At this rate, it appears there will be a mass sweep and government change for the better, but in my view we are too late to avoid serious consequences from stolen elections and pollution of our untrusted systems. Shots are already fired. Economic systems and supply chains are crumbling worldwide. Turkey, just today, tripped and fell on its economic face. What will tomorrow bring? We will see when it gets here.

What we can clearly see is exactly what I have warned about thousands of times since January 2020. We are slipping into PanFaWar — Pandemic, Famine, War.

Stuff straight from the Bible, and the almost 60 books on Pandemic I have read, hundreds of books on war I have read. I have only read about 15 books on Famine.

I have witnessed and experienced plenty of war, and we all have now seen plenty of pandemic (if biologically minor in current case), but few of us have seen famine. I have seen plenty of poverty and hunger, but not famine wherein people are crawling on the ground while vultures hop around trying to push them over.

During our lifetimes there have been only localized and globally minor famines. Even the massive famines in China were localized mostly to China, like those in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and a very long list of others. Famines normally do not last more than a couple years, with notable exceptions.

My guess is that by end of 2023, we will see many true famines globally, a lot more hunger and general food shortages. Yet other places, Somewheres, will chug along like nothing happened.

Even during the Irish famine there were Irish counties that were mostly fine, while in others people resorted to cannibalism. (Biblical famine if ever there was).

Likewise with the various wars I have been to. Some parts of the countries were totally at peace and safe, while other parts were incredibly dangerous war zones.

Pandemic, Famine, War, are all osmotic pumps for human migration.

If we see global famines while our borders are wide open, human waves will sweep in. There is nothing stopping people from leasing or stealing ships, stuffing them full of millions of people, and sailing to distant shores.

I read the attached book a year or two ago. I highly recommend this book. I have never spoken with the author. Fine work — audio excerpt:

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