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September 04, 2021
8 Year-Old Wives, Lying Media — Incompetent Military/USG

We all know that Afghans some times take girls even 8 years-old as wives.

Remember what I said about some fish don’t mix well in same aquarium. You are about to see a LOT of this in our aquarium.

And so, now the military and it’s civilian masters have apparently been trafficking in child brides and human trafficking. Again.

Look at this puff stuff in Stars and Stripes. Pretending an Afghan child drew this.

Remember that time the North Korean defector named Shin Dong-hyuk was on 60 Minutes with the amazing escape story from Camp 14? The New York Times bestselling book. Media darling. And remember how fast I caught his fraud after Shin Dong-hyuk had defrauded New York Times and other legacy media for years?

How long do you think it took me to catch him? Keep in mind, Shin Dong-hyuk had been carrying this fraud for years. Massive backstopping. Everyone “knew” his story was true.

Until. He came on 60 Minutes. And I happened to see it. The segment lasted about 15 minutes. And within the hour, I published that he was a naked fraud.

There were many clues. Websearch for my name and Shin Dong-hyuk and you will see me standing alone — calling him a fraud while the media pack worshipped him.

How did I catch him in 15 minutes?

It’s a complicated thing to explain but I spend most of my time with people from other cultures. And so I see subtleties. His body language did not fit his story, or his culture.

He knew his birthday. Guys like that NEVER know their birthday. Not to mention that knowing your birthday in North Korea is illegal. I don’t know how I know these things, I just do. Also, the navigation he described both geographically and socially was too complex for his backstory.

There was a lot more, but difficult for me to explain because it’s complex knowledge that evades my ability to explain it well. I just knew. I felt it. I saw it. And I said it. About 2 years later he was caught. Web search Shin Dong-hyuk and fraud and you will see.

I will take it a step further…and this is a bit legally dangerous…I sensed that he was in romantic affair with the author of the book. This could cost me…I do not know this is true, but I sensed it.

And I say this as presage to what I am going to say about this drawing said to be by an Afghan child. This is bullshit. This is a lie. No Afghan child straight from Afghanistan drew this, at least not without direct instruction. This is a fraud or a staged moment. This is just not right.

I have seen and photographed many child drawings in Afghanistan and other foreign countries. I always pay close attention to graffiti, and children. I pay very close attention to children. Children are a reflection of the adults around them. Paying attention to children is a basic combat skill. I have photographed many Afghan drawings by children. This is not what or how they draw.

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