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What is this part of a chain called? And what is it for?

Some chains have it, some not.

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Does he look Japanese?
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Cuba: “ I’m here because of hunger, because there’s no medicine, because of power cuts – because there’s a lack of everything”

I’m here because of hunger, because there’s no medicine, because of power cuts – because there’s a lack of everything,” said a man in his 40s who didn’t want to give his name for fear of reprisals. “I want a total change: a change of government.”

PanFaWar: Pandemic, Famine, War — The Three Musketeers, fellow travellers with Mass Migration.

Find one, find all.

The Only Cult you never will see is the cult you are in

Dorsey looks and behaves like cult members I tracked down in India. Maybe he needs a flashlight.

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Richard Branson went to space! Awesome!

Watch as private players make this work.

Beautiful Day in Vilnius: Terrorism in Lithuania and Poland. Why?

Aquarium Law

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CCP Virus in Thailand

I hardly pay attention to it now. That said, this CCP monster could always turn truly bad. I think most of the world would hardly have noticed this pandemic if it happened a century ago. It’s just not that serious, at this time, compared with monsters like yellow fever, Spanish flu, tuberculosis, smallpox, malaria, cholera, and many more.

Far more dangerous is the mad rush to inject untested gunk into hundreds of millions of arms. Anyone who calls this safe is lying or naive. Let’s re-examine this in another year, and five and ten years from now.

Our Green Beret Kamikaze Mission into Poland — my interview on CBS

I made this this interview last night on CBS with John Batchelor. Discussing a mission I trained three years to do. Secret at the time. Parachute into Poland near the city of Bialystok. Identify our targets. Kill the operators. Destroy their gear. (Certain radars and missiles). Link up with Polish resistance and fight potentially for years.

There was no extraction. No MEDEVAC. If we got hurt parachuting in, tough luck. We may be forced to bury teammates in Poland, or even usher them along. Including me, of course.

People wondered why later in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflict, I was able to withstand so much combat and other fighting and yet still be psychologically normal. Training. Mental preparation.

Or why I never hesitate to stand up to US Generals. Because we trained to make kamikaze mission. I was ready and would have made the nighttime parachute jump. Ready to die to kill our enemies. When you do not fear death, you are free. I am free.


CBS audience growing for my reports with John Batchelor
My CBS interview with John Batchelor on Belarus Migration attacks on Lithuania/EU

This work is made possible by your charitable donations that keep me out here. Thank you!

This BLM Clown is Incapable of Fighting America’s Enemies

Brown and Austin and Milley ARE America’s Enemies.

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Lithuania: Can rent a Car in Less than 2 mins!

Just use app, get in and drive.

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Lithuania stands against CCP — does your country?

The cowards at NBA wear chains around their necks:

MigraVasion — Morocco threatening Spain with another migrant invasion

Morocco threatening Spain with another migrant barrage:

Aquarium Law: Some Fish Don’t Mix Well in Same Aquarium

Some fish gonna fight. No matter what tank they are in. Makes no difference.

Same story everywhere:

Iraqis and Africans not mixing well in same migrant camps/areas. We’ve heard same or similar everywhere we go: Panama, Mexico, Greece, Morocco, and now Lithuania.

Lithuanian police told us last night that mixing migrants in same camp leads to anger and violence.

Coming to a neighborhood near you. Anyone who has been around Europe or the world much knows this gets exported/imported — such as Arabs vs. Kurds — the wars and cultural fights do not end at borders. They spill into the parking lots, neighborhoods, schools. Borders are nothing more than highway lines when they are not enforced.

There is no truth without context. The American Revolutionary War (War of Independence) was/were largely spillovers from Europe that translated into Civil Wars in America. (Including the later and epic U.S. Civil War of 1861-65 which also was largely, not wholly, derivative of spillover ...

IMPORTANT SITREP from Lithuania — Effects on Lithuania/EU

Belarus Weaponizing ‘Migration’ through Lithuania to EU:

This fence only a few hundred meters long. This and some cameras are the main Lithuanian defence. Europe better do something fast or this may be the new Greece in a month or two.

The border is mostly 422 miles of farmland and an unguarded river. Lithuanian authorities say an Iraqi ‘travel agency’ has been set up in Baghdad to fly Iraqis and others straight to Minsk, capital city of Belarus. From Minsk they are transported to the Lithuanian border and pushed forward. Some migrants apparently become lost and travel back into Belarus and are then sent back to Lithuania.

Chuck Holton and I toured facilities which are far better than many backpackers face. Yet as in other countries, we hear or see protests from migrants for not getting religion-specific free-food, and so forth.

Lithuanian police say Iraqis sometimes become angry because they do not wish to share facilities with Africans.

I made this image at 2208 local time ...

NOW: On Lithuania/Belarus border with Border Police

Migrant-Warfare being waged by Belarus.

NOW: Lithuania, by border Belarus/Poland

Tomorrow, Lithuania starts building wall.

Lithuania— migrants even from Venezuela

We just talked with Iraqi-Kurdish migrants. Now we are driving to border of Belarus/Lithuania/Poland.

This map hands on the wall at a migrant center in Lithuania. Those migrants from Venezuela are of Lithuanian descent.

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Important for Hong Kongers— share widely

Vilnius: Deputy Foreign Minister Dr. Mantas Adomenas just told us in his office they fast-track Hong Kongers who wish to move to Lithuania. Get to any embassy and Lithuania will help, and if they have no passport will help with travel documents.

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Landed Vilnius

Long day travel from Morocco. Tomorrow will meet with a government Minister and then straight to Belarus border. Belarus Weaponizing migrants.

Japan: Neo-Ku Klux Klan terror organization called Black Lives Matter

BLM is a terror organization taking root in Japan. This group will attack and kill Japanese. You will see.

Pay attention to journalist Masako Ganaha. She saw many BLM terror attacks with her own eyes. I was there as witness.

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Morocco Now: old lady just walked up...

...and asked if I am American. I smiled and said yes. She smiled big, gave thumbs up, said “good”, and limped away.

Live Chat
From Morocco to Ceuta, Spain

06 July 2021
Morocco, Africa — just next to Ceuta, Spain — European Union
Mind dump, sans edit

Chuck Holton and I currently are in Morocco. A very friendly and safe country. Not expensive. Safe for Americans. My danger meter is pegging GREEN. In Washington, D.C., on a safe day, my danger meter is amber.

Police have been polite and professional. At immigration, the police who checked my passport was not wearing mask. Other immigration officers at airport were wearing masks.

We are in a restaurant now— nice place. Nobody wearing masks.

Been here three days and have seen zero gringos. No Americans or Europeans to my knowledge. Morocco is very friendly to Americans and is the first country to recognize United States after our Revolution. For years, I have said thank you to Moroccans for this. They always are surprised when an American even knows this, and they appreciate when we do. So, if you have a Moroccan friend and you are American, thank them.

US has longstanding warm relations...

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Morocco:Weaponizing Migrants

Your donations make my work possible. Thank you! Now here goes:

Patreon Demands I remove this post or face shutdown

Cannot make up this stuff.

‘CULTURAL Appropriation’ Information Combat — designed to split and conquer

I just spent months with Embera Indians, making new friends and learning new things. The nonsense in this article is information combat in form of ‘cultural appropriation’ claims:

Target; Germany

Ceuta, Spain is a European City in Africa — migrants trying to get to Germany for free stuff. Not just Germany, but an Algerian man now with Chuck and me says Germany is his target due to free housing and free money. He says Algerians are shocked Germany does this and desperately trying to get to Germany.

<a href=" #gallery-post-821233- " rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank" class="link"> #gallery-post-821233-

Ceuta is a European City in Africa

Thousands of ‘migrants’ work to scale the walls or swim around from Morocco to Ceuta, Spain. If they make it inside, they are in Spain. EU. But... we are here and learning more now. Stay tuned.

Turkey Weaponizes ‘migrants’: my interview wirh John Batchelor
Landed Africa — Morocco
Your Voice Matters
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Paris - nasty airport

Paris — most major western airports i see are primitive compared with those in China, Singapore, Thailand, major Middle East.

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Flying from Greece Today — will say more after arrival
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China Sustaining Damage from its Virus

From a personal source:

Foreign aircrews are forced into hotel quarantine while Chinese staff dress for their pandemic head to toe. When Chinese wear the complete bio-suits to even step on an airplane, or load cargo, the delays can take hours as Chinese workers spray every piece of cargo.

Despite being covered in their heavy gear, Chinese still ‘social distance’ for all air crew.

NOW, Xanthi, Greece
Due to Data Theft/Privacy Laws, Some US sites...

...unavailable here in Greece.

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NOW: US Forces in Greece

The pano was made by Chuck Holton just now using my Sony A9II. And so the resolution is actually far higher than you see here.

We saw a train last evening with US tanks. Traced the tracks to this dock. Found the tanks. Just made photos.

Chuck found the Google Earth overhead from much earlier.

Local militia we met here seem very pro-USA. They do not want ‘migrants’ coming through destroying and robbing their farms and harassing Greek women. The men are still men here and we were told the border fence was erected to protect the invaders from the Greek village men, not other way around.

They are not politically correct. We are getting along very well.

The village militia we met are very positive toward US forces. A train with US tanks rolled through their farms without covers on the armor and no need of security. This is immediately by the Turkish border.

Thank you for your financial support. This is expensive. Learning a great deal about the ‘migrant’ invasion....

Hong Kong Martyr Fought Genocidal CCP

Free Hong Kong!

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NOW: Tanks moving on Greek-Turkish border

Coincidence as we check border. Just happed couple minutes ago.

NOW: On Greek-Turkish border—Greek Side
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Now: Alexandroupoli, Greece

Chuck Holton and I are back from Bulgaria, now in Greece.

Amazing all the borders we crossed and flights we made using one 72-hour PCR test for the CCP virus.

1) Panama to New York, JFK
2) Newark to Athens
3) Flew Athens to Alexandroupoli
4) Drove to Bulgaria — spent night in Bulgaria
5) This morning drove from Bulgaria back to Alexandroupoli

And the 72 hour test just expired.

We just finished another interview. This time with a Police Major. This evening, Police will take us to the border wall where they use all sorts of sensors, and also acoustic cannon. I asked the Police Major if I can film them shooting Chuck with the sound cannon. The police said they will take us to the border but will not shoot Chuck for me to film.

Am running on some sleep deprivation so will take a two hour night. Adios for now.

Please share this out. And Please financially support my work. Because In need it.

Will publish more tonight such as that about 80 percent of those illegally ...

Bulgarian Sunflowers —massive fields reminiscent of Afghan Opium

Chuck Holton and I are in Bulgaria. About to return to Greece this morning. Chuck launched his drone from near a a village and flew low over the flowers. See this:

Good Morning from Bulgaria

Feels relatively safe.

Now, Bulgaria- Sunflowers
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Bulgaria now

With Chuck Holton studying migration.

West Nile in Greece
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Yikes: Greek Skeeters

Tracking migration I just found this. My most capable enemy.

Side note, the Greek alphabet is written in sorority and calculus alphabet. Reminds me of school days.

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Patreon: Jack Conte Holds the Bird in his Hands —
Lost in Athens

Am in Athens looking for the Colosseum and none of these idiots knows where it is, lol.

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Am in Athens
Japan-Korea Relations, and Japan in Korean War

Did you know Japan helped South Korea and United States the Korean War?

This is vital today. Remember, I have published three books in Japanese on Japan-Korea relations. Crucial subject.

Written by the incredible Archie Miyamoto.

Experimental Vaccine Safety

Make sure to screenshot of some of these claims.

Review for safety and efficacy. Remember that if you must keep taking new experimental substances every year, add them all up.

1) Review one week after experiment
2) One month
3) Six months
4) Annually.

Forcing people to act as test pigs is unethical, immoral, illegal.

Even children are being used.

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Newark: delayed on the ground....

... need another 30,000 pounds of fuel. Truck ran out so we are waiting on another truck.

A pilot friend told me they are having fuel truck problems at many airports. And like magic...

All three airports we have been at today have had many organization problems, as did the PCR test company who was too late. We would have missed flight due to PCR late but Chuck Holton bought quick tests in America and they were accepted in Panama and U.S.

Now delayed at Newark.

An immigration officer asked what I am doing and I told him about Darien Gap. He never heard of Darien Gap. We talked for awhile and I said when you go home tonight make sure to check my name and Darien Gap, and send me a message! He promised he would. I asked him again what is my name and he remembered, so maybe he will check and become knowledgeable about that damage.

A couple hours ago I messaged the man from Ecuador who was lost 22 Days in the Darien following his wife. He’s in Costa Rica now trying to get ...

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Flying to Africa today on Migration Research

Passing through United States for connection. I would not be surprised if I am detained or arrested. Only three counted ever gave me a hard time: United States, Israel, and CCP in Hong Kong last year.

Just why Israel gave me a hard time is a great mystery considering I supported Israel for years.

But the United States is slipping into something as bad as CCP at this rate. I’d feel safer flying to Russia. This makes me feel terrible. I am dyed in the wool AMERICAN 🇺🇸 and proud feel lucky to have been born in America. I been all over this world and know I was born lucky in America. (Well, growing up was hard at times, but I’ve seen much worse.)

God Bless America. And hope I am not arrested for anything..

Will be back in Texas in about 10 days. Please wait and arrest me in Texas. At least they still have laws there.

Lol, Bankrupt California Virtue Signals Florida

Florida with its powerful economy must be quaking in its sandals while California goes bankrupt. Florida should redouble its efforts to poach companies from California. The vacuous virtue volcano of California government has reached beyond mere farcical and into pathological.

Have you been to California lately? I have. Drove from Texas to Los Angeles up to Seattle and loitered a couple weeks in California.

The Conservatives in California are not suffering the pathological cognitive dissonance of the Virtue Cult. Remember, the only cult you never will see is the cult you are in. The Virtue Cult has destroyed what I thought was the finest State in the Union. I went to school there twice. Loved it. The Virtue Cult destroyed something fine and exemplary and turned it into blue tarps, fentanyl, and deterioration of infrastructure and human value and values.

Poach those companies. Welcome to Florida.


Pandemic: This dark horse is just getting started

Disruptions far from over. Remember what I started saying in January 2020: PanFaWar: Pandemic, Famine, War — these three travel together and often cause or result from large migrations.

Fake News: Driven By Socialism and baited by free stuff

Fixed it.

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Afghanistan Lost

28 June 2021
Panama City, Panama
Mind burst, sans-edit

Just go back to 2006 and read my dozen major dispatches on losing the war in Afghanistan. At that time, millions of people regularly read my Iraq and Afghanistan. And at any one time, about half hated me or said I was wrong.

But now we can open the time capsule and see who was right and wrong on Iraq, Afghanistan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan-Korea relations, and Chinese information war.

Start with my 2005 archives. Imagine investing in my reports. Check my 2006 reports from Afghanistan:

I finally slammed the door on Afghanistan in 2011. I never went back. I continued going into combat, but not in useless, wasted combat.

The idea that we are there to promote women’s rights is at best naive. We cannot even keep Atlanta, Portland, Chicago, or one square mile around the White House safe.

I just sent significant time in D.C. and witnessed up close the events on 06 January 2021.

The three top US military ...

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Nike: Massive difference between Aversion to Slavery vs Aversion to being THE Slave

Nike: China’s slave.

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Darien Gap: Love Lost in the Jungle

27 June 2021
Panama City, Panama
Mind-burst, sans edit

(Paraphrasing from memory but I have verbatim transcript.)

Just interviewed a man who was in Darien jungle 22 days. He made it to Costa Rica. In San Jose now, trying to get passport and back to Ecuador. His trip to America is over.

Name: Nxxx xxxx. (Elided by me.) I asked why his first name sounds Arab and is family name sounds Armenian.

He said dad from Armenia but he grew up in Palestine and now has business Ecuador, but the socialist president destroyed Ecuador. He was specific and without prompting that he and his younger Cuban wife struck out for United States due to Biden opening border.

His Cuban wife abandoned him in the jungle. She is in Tapachula, Mexico now heading to her family in Dallas.

Without prompting, he said the robbers and rapists he encountered are from xxxx xxxxx (elided by me).

He was so injured after the Mountain of Death (the third mountain after entering Darien from Colombia), that he slept four nights alone in the jungle ...

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Spy in your Pocket

And security cameras. And so on and so forth.

Many people think that they must hit cell towers to leak, but every time you hit wifi --BANG...there are many chatty and noisy apps that leak huge data such as specific location even down to the floor and office of a high-rise. This includes apps that having nothing overtly to do with locations, etc.

Bluetooth, similar.

Some of the worst of the leaky phones are cheap burner phones. They leak data like crazy.

You might be surprised at the people you can track. Even otherwise security conscious people can be easy to find.

Germany: Mass Murder Attack -- remember when they called Smart People 'Xenophobes'

Some fish do not mix well in same aquarium. This appears to be another unforced case of Death by Virtue Signal.

Masako Ganaha and I on YouTube Live: Subjects — Japan, United States, more:
Hurricane America: We Are Here — and I am migrating to Locals

United States is barreling into civil war. I predicted far back in January 2020 that 2021 would be dangerous. Specifically, as 2020 unfolded I predicted roughly April-May with increasing violence through the warm months. Hotter and longer days will create but one condition, as often is the case with brighter moons. Brighter the moon, the more people roll about. Comanche Moon. (With modern technology, this can be put to test with smartphone tracking.)

Political conditions are spirally. Joint Chief of Staff have lost their shine. At best. Instead of focusing on the national threats of wide open borders, China, and other real officers stagger around blabbering about fake racism. Or at least, misplace the sources of that racism. Many top officers are so morally weak they refuse to call this what it is.

If a single General or Admiral would stand up to this onslaught, he or she would have a serious chance at being next President of the United States. General Mark Milley could have mopped the floor with Secretary ...

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Godwin's Law, and General Mark Milley

26 June 2021
Panama City, Panama

Quick mind dump, sans edit. I am preparing to head to Africa on migration research and then back to Texas.

This morning, General Mark Milley is Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. Top officer in the most powerful military in known human history. Thousands of nuclear weapons, for starters.

Up the food chain, one more notch, is Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III. Overt racist.

And one step higher is Joe Biden.

Table is set.

General Milley defends teaching Critical Race 'Theory' to military officers.

For folks who may have missed it, the quality of US military officers is plummeting. The Navy can hardly sail without crashing. One officer, at her trial for her involvement in crashing a fighting ship, broke down and cried. It's fallen that low. Crying is a defense.

While China grows. And Russia plots.

We watched the military become a logical career path for folks who want sex-change on demand at taxpayer expense. Where were the icons such as Mattis?

Women ...

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Video of Portland Shooting -- looks legal to me
Adventures in Migration — my latest interview with Frank Gaffney
Colombia: Accident during Boat trip to Darien Gap
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Portland: Officers involved shooting — an officer told me the subject…

…an officer told me the subject had a screwdriver and was transported to hospital.

So much anti-white racism in Portland that police felt compelled to announce the injured person is white.

The Fake 1976 Swine Flu ‘Pandemic’ — mass vaccination and casuatlies

The ‘pandemic’ was completely faked. Top to bottom fraud. Tens of millions of Americans were vaccinated with untested substances. Rush rush rush. It’s your duty! Patriotic! Soldiers died for America! Just take the stab and be a hero! Or refuse and be a villain.

One of the biggest lessons of history is that few people learn from history.

This current hysteria will eventually be forgotten. Lessons will not be carried forward other than by some small percentage of folks.

But…hold on to your ticket: nobody knows what this pandemic will do. Will it fade away, or will it suddenly spread wildly with far more lethal results? Nobody knows. And anyone who says they know…turn the channel.

What we do know is the global economy continues to sustain damage and is becoming less resilient day by day.

Make sure to watch and share this video about the fake pandemic and the rushed ‘vaccine.’ Nothing new under the sun:

Panama Foreign Minister Follows our Lead
Adventures in Multi-Continent Migration: My latest interview with John Batchelor
FAIL: “Israel a world leader in fighting the virus”

24 June 2021
Panama City, Panama
Mind-dump, sans-edit

Not a world leader when you FAIL, utterly, and impregnate your population with untested chemicals euphemistically called ‘vaccines’ while destroying your economy and depending on US support while US itself is in freefall.


And New York Times headline, FAIL.

The Israeli top leadership — who must be brilliantly educated in schools most of us cannot afford — obviously have not educated themselves on pandemic history. They are making moves like newborn chimps at the chessboard. Not much different than many US States, or Fiji.

Are you watching Fiji? There’s a nice ‘experiment.’ Isolated island nation. (Most inhabited islands are far from isolated). Fiji closed Fiji and depended on foreign support from other countries. Nice to be able to milk the cow while others must fight.

But, like Taiwan, and New Zealand, who both put up efforts to fight — and I go so far as to say it was Taiwan, certainly not Israel, who led...

Ivermectin in the News
People often ask me what Civil War in America might look like

A few quick thoughts from Panama City, Panama
Mind-dump, sans-edit
23 June 2021

What do civil wars look like? Some look partly like the constant shootings we already see. There are remarkable differences in criminality, civil unrest, and civil war. One key difference being the degree in which some sufficient number of people see the government as LEGITIMATE.

When a feeling of justice and legitimacy evaporates from a sufficient number of people, conditions are set for insurgency, and civil war.

Ask yourself:

1) Do you trust FBI and associate agencies in big government?
2) Courts?
3) Executive office?
4) Military?
5) Media?

If your trust has collapsed, or worse, you feel under attack, or you feel the government in general has lost legitimacy and no longer represents you, you are a possible insurgent.

Symptoms can be clear. Local law enforcement, FBI, and others who depend on public for information, should ask their intelligence departments if they are getting more or less HUMINT than a year ago. If HUMINT is...

Significant: Venezuela Collapse along with Colombia, Peru Rumbling
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Hong Kong: Am going on LIVE with Frank Gaffney in 20 minutes, then with John Batchelor at Noon ET
As Found Today in Panama City

I walked by and saw this. Exactly as is. What is this?

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The Incredible Steve Bannon on TimCast
The 'Vaccine' -- and Death of Trust
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Demobilization: Why Communists Eventually Kill ‘Useful Idiots’

[I first published this on 01 September 2020 -- just as I arrived to America after many years overseas in wars and conflict.]

Events unfolding in America are nothing new. This is old school insurgency and growing civil war.

There are Seven Phases in a U.S. sponsored insurgency. The last phase, Phase 7, is Demobilization. Phase 7 was called Demobilization when I went to the school. These days, I believe, they renamed ‘Demobilization’ to ‘Transition.’

Whatever you wish to call Phase 7, this final phase is to wrap up the war. Return to peace. Turn guerrillas back into farmers, students, clerks, whatever.

‘Demob’ is the most dangerous phase for Green Berets or CIA. As if the other six were a walk in the park. Many fighters will be unwilling to return to the unexciting life of taxi driving. Previously powerless people held the intoxicating power of the gun as tightly as Hillary Clinton. To give up their guns and fighting would be to surrender their power and ‘moral authority’ to do as they wish.

At this moment, ...

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Gerry Spence: Author I recommend

I've read about a dozen books by Mr. Spence. None in recent years because I got distracted in all the wars and conflicts I waded into. If I had the time, I'd read them all again.

This man is brilliant. Wise. And with a sense of justice.

Try any of his books. I learned from them all.

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Hollywood: Some MSM Catching up to my 2016 Work that CCP is Hollywood's Patron
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Do you trust Anthony Fauci?
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